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Bible Baptist Academy is a K3 through 12th grade school. The academy is a distinctly Christian academic institution, supporting and supported by Christian parents who have entrusted Christian teachers with the purpose of educating and training their children from a God-centered worldview. The goal is for each student to receive Jesus Christ as personal Savior, grow to be more like Him, and faithfully serve Him for his or her entire life. Everything is done to the glory of God. For more information, visit our school website at


The Bible Baptist Church, through Bible Baptist Academy, has established an educational ministry to educate children in four ways.

SPIRITUALLY: We teach man’s relationship to God’s Son. This is done by emphasis on salvation (the new birth) through belief in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; growth through the application of Biblical principles; and Christian service as a result of one’s salvation and growth.

INTELLECTUALLY: We teach man’s relationship to God’s truth. The emphasis in on methods of thinking and mastery of subject matter.

SOCIALLY: We teach man’s relationship to God’s order. Our emphasis is on proper self-concept and a proper concept of others. We stress patriotism, courtesy, manners, and respect for authority.

PHYSICALLY: We teach man’s relationship to God’s dwelling place. The body is to be kept in subjection. We are to provide for the proper maintenance of our body through exercise, hygiene, diet, and proper posture. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.


Bible Baptist Academy teaches all subjects from a Scriptual perspective and also provides instruction in the faith and principles laid down in the Word of God. These objectives are used so that the students may be prepared to take their positions and to have a positive impact in the home, the church, and the nation. We believe and practice the basic principles of education that have made America great!



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